Hyundai Solati Premium

Hyundai Solati Premium


Hyundai Solati Limousine “Mobile Office” by Lux’n Car
The current model provides a partition, which gives a chance to separately roll both window and TV down. This allows to negotiate and communicate with friends and colleagues without the driver’s participation.

Intercom system provides an opportunity to communicate with the driver by speakerphone when you need it.

Retractable seats with seat belts at the partition provide both full functionality and comfortable accommodation in a car for 7 persons..

The front seats extending forward allows to put your feet on them during a long trip.

Hi-End music system provides the sound quality, comparable to a Samsung 43 4K home theater. Besides there is an opportunity to install Apple TV, digital TV, high-speed Internet with the ability to automatically switch the operators.

Convenient rear sofa, which provides an increased seats softness and an opportunity of separate folding the sofa’s backs up to 150° degrees becomes an indispensable assistant for people, used to spend a lot of time in own car.

Decorative lighting contributes to the highest comfort level in the car. The ability to select the backlight color and adjust brightness makes it possible to choose the lighting according to your needs.

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